10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2024

We explore 10 different projects from various industries, including green transportation, VR gaming, blockchain education, and meme coins.
14/05/2024 - 14:13hs
10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2024

The recent Bitcoin halving means that potentially - the broader markets will enter a prolonged bull run in the coming months. There are many options in the market; this guide reveals the best crypto to buy now.

The Top Crypto to Invest in Now

Here’s a summary of the best crypto to buy now:

  1. Dogeverse - A new meme coin concept with six different blockchain standards, ICO has raised $15 million
  2. WienerAI - ICO project offering a new ERC-20 meme coin based on the wiener breed, staking rewards of over 60%
  3. Sealana - Invest in the next big Solana meme coin via an airdrop ICO campaign, which has the potential to 10x
  4. Mega Dice Token - A popular crypto gambling site with $50 million in monthly revenues, offers daily tokenized rewards
  5. 99Bitcoins - Students earn crypto tokens when progressing through a blockchain course, leveraging the BRC-20 standard 
  6. 5thScape  - Innovative virtual reality ecosystem with native games, headsets, and an ergonomic chair 
  7. eTukTuk - Green and sustainable electric tuk-tuk vehicles with AI navigation, multi-country rollout planned
  8. Polygon - The leading layer 2 solution for Ethereum-based projects, almost $900 million in total value locked
  9. Bitcoin - Potential to hit $100,000 in the coming months, one of the best cryptos to buy for long-term wealth creation
  10. Solana - One of the top layer 1 blockchains for speed, fees, and scalability, currently trades 44% below all-time highs

Reviewing the Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy

The cryptocurrencies listed above will now be analyzed in more detail. Read on to discover the best cryptocurrencies to buy.

1. Dogeverse - A New Meme Coin Concept With Six Different Blockchain Standards [ICO Has Raised $13 Million]

High-risk high-reward investors will like Dogeverse. It’s a new meme coin with a unique concept; Dogeverse has been developed on multiple networks. This includes mainnet blockchains like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, and Avalanche. Not to mention side-chain networks like Base and Polygon. 

This means Dogeverse is accessible to six crypto ecosystems. This feat is achieved via Wormhole and Portal Bridge technology. Dogeverse also has well-crafted tokenomics. The total supply is capped at 200 billion tokens. 10% of the supply has been allocated to staking rewards. Currently, Dogeverse investors are earning staking APYs of 70%. 


Dogeverse isn’t listed on crypto exchanges yet - it’s currently running an initial coin offering (ICO). This means investors can buy $DOGEVERSE tokens at a discounted price. Over $13 million has already been raised, making the ICO a huge success. There are a few days left before the ICO ends. Dogeverse will then begin trading on public exchanges. 

Key Points:

  • ICO campaign has raised more than $13 million
  • Operates on Ethereum, Base, BNB Chain, Solana, Avalanche, and Polygon
  • Solid tokenomics with a capped supply

Visit Dogeverse ICO

2. WienerAI - ICO Project Offering a New ERC-20 Meme Coin Based on the Wiener Breed

While most Ethereum meme coins are based on a Shiba Inu breed - WeinerAI has opted for a weiner as its project mascot. More commonly known as a ‘sausage dog’, WeinerAI is a fun crypto project that also offers use cases. Backed by AI, it has a proprietary trading bot that helps investors find profitable tokens. 

The trading bot doubles up as a decentralized exchange without commissions or fees. Any tokens discovered by the AI bot can be purchased instantly. WienerAI is also one of the top crypto coins to buy for staking rewards. APYs currently stand at 68% - much higher than other staking coins like Ethereum and Solana. 


Analysts also like the WienerAI tokenomics. Its capped supply of 69 billion tokens is allocated to ICO investors, staking, community rewards, marketing, and exchange liquidity. The WienerAI ICO accepts ETH, USD, BNB, and credit cards. Over $1.3 million has been raised. Check out the WienerAI X page for ICO updates. 

Key Points:

  • The first meme coin project based on the wiener dog breed
  • Offers an AI trading bot for token holders
  • Competitive staking APYs of 68%

Visit WienerAI ICO

3. Sealana - Invest in the Next Big Solana Meme Coin via an Airdrop ICO Campaign

Another top-rated ICO to consider is Sealana. This project is capitalizing on the Solana meme coin craze, aiming to follow similar tokens like Bonk, BOOK OF MEME, Popcat, and dogwifhat. Sealana has a unique meme mascot - a chubby seal that’s addicted to the crypto markets. There are no roadmap objectives on the Sealana website.

Instead, the Sealana vision is clear; it aims to become the next billion-dollar meme coin. First, Sealana is raising ICO funds from early backers. Investors get 6,900 $SEAL tokens for every 1 SOL invested. No minimums have been set - so the approximate price per token is $0.02. The Sealana ICO has already raised over $295,000. 


The ICO offers a simple investment procedure. Investors must send SOL to the Sealana wallet address. Not only is the process ideal for beginners but it's transparent; anyone can view the wallet’s balance and outgoing transactions. After the ICO, Sealana will airdrop tokens to each invested wallet. The tokens will then begin trading on exchanges. 

Key Points:

  • Capitalizing on the Solana meme coin craze
  • ICO investments are made via wallet-to-wallet transfers
  • Offers 6,900 $SEAL tokens per 1 SOL invested 

Visit Sealana ICO  

4. Mega Dice Token - Popular Crypto Gambling Site With $50 Million in Monthly Revenues

Mega Dice is a regulated gambling site offering thousands of casino games. After players deposit crypto they can gamble on blackjack, slots, roulette, keno, and more. Mega Dice also offers live dealer tables and sports betting. With over 50,000 players, Mega Dice is considered a market leader in this industry. 

Mega Dice is tokenizing its ecosystem with $DICE. Not only can $DICE be used as a gambling currency but holders receive exclusive bonuses. This is in addition to a generous staking program. Rewards are funded from Mega Dice profits; the casino generates over $50 million in monthly gambling revenues. 


Mega Dice will also be launching a unique NFT collection. Those holding $DICE tokens will have the option of buying one. The Mega Dice Token ICO offers early access to this high-growth project. ICO investments can be made with SOL, ETH, or BNB. The ICO offers the lowest $DICE token price of $0.069.

Key Points:

  • Native gambling token backing a regulated casino site
  • Generous staking program funded by gambling revenues
  • Fair ICO launch offering $DICE tokens at $0.069   

Visit Mega Dice ICO

5. 99Bitcoins Token - Earn Crypto Rewards When Progressing Through a 79-Hour Blockchain Course 

99Bitcoins should also be considered when exploring the best crypto to buy now. Founded in 2013, 99Bitcoins is a popular news and education platform specializing in all things crypto. It helps beginners navigate this complex marketplace via a 79-hour course. More than 100,000 students have enrolled, highlighting the platform’s popularity.

99Bitcoins is tokenizing its blockchain course. Now, students will earn crypto rewards when completing modules. The reward currency is $99BTC, which leverages the BRC-20 token standard. This is a new concept that enables projects to engage with the Bitcoin blockchain. 99Bitcoins has just launched its much-anticipated ICO. 


Investing in the current ICO round offers a discounted price. Today, investors pay just $0.00104 per $99BTC token. Over $1.1 million has already been raised. The 99Bitcoins ICO accepts ETH, USDT, BNB, and credit cards. Check out the 99Bitcoins YouTube channel for project updates. Its channel has over 700,000 subscribers. 

Key Points:

  • Popular crypto education platform with 700,000+ YouTube subscribers
  • Has built a loyal following since launching in 2013
  • Offers tokenized rewards via a learn-to-earn mechanism  

Visit 99Bitcoins Token ICO

6. 5thScape  - Innovative Virtual Reality Ecosystem With Native Games, Headsets, and an Ergonomic Chair  

5thScape is building the next generation of virtual reality (VR). It has developed a VR headset that offers immersive gaming experiences. Unlike other VR providers, 5thScape develops its own games. The 5thScape website reveals five initial titles covering multiple genres. This includes VR sporting games like soccer, archery, and cricket. 

There’s also a supercar racing game. Not to mention a combat game with authentic arenas. 5thScape also offers a premium add-on - an ergonomic VR gaming chair. 5thScape is the best crypto to buy now if you’re looking for a small-cap gem. After its ICO campaign, $5SCAPE tokens will have a market capitalization of just $15 million. 


The ICO has been a huge success - funding is approaching $6 million. Not only is 5thScape ideal for VR investing but the ICO offers an immediate upside. While the tokens will be listed on exchanges at $0.01 - they're currently priced at just $0.00327. This amounts to an ICO upside of 205%.

Key Points:

  • The best new crypto to invest in VR gaming
  • Exclusive VR games, headset, and ergonomic chair   
  • Will have an initial market capitalization of just $15 million

Visit 5thScape ICO

7. eTukTuk - Green and Sustainable Electric Tuk-Tuk Vehicles with AI Navigation, Multi-Country Rollout Planned  

eTukTuk is a solid option for investing in green transportation. It offers electric tuk-tuk vehicles that are affordable, sustainable, and great for the environment. The long-term vision is to replace internal combustion engine (ICE) tuk-tuks. This will be a mammoth task, considering there are millions of tuk-tuk vehicles globally. 


With this in mind, eTukTuk will initially roll out in Sri Lanka - which is where the project is located. It will then roll out in other Asian countries. eTukTuk’s AI navigation tool is also notable - it helps drivers reach their destination in the most energy-efficient way. eTukTuk is now running its ICO, which has raised more than $3 million so far. 

Key Points:

  • Offers electric tuk-tuks as a replacement for ICE vehicles
  • Tuk-tuks are built with sustainable and affordable materials   
  • Vehicles come with AI navigation tools

Visit eTukTuk ICO

8. Polygon - The Leading Layer 2 Solution for Ethereum-Based Projects, Almost $900 Million in Total Value Locked  

Polygon is also a top cryptocurrency to invest in. It’s a layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain, which struggles with high fees and transaction overload. Polygon is effectively a side chain that runs alongside Ethereum. This means ERC-20 projects benefit from Ethereum’s security and decentralization, while vastly reducing smart contract fees. 


Polygon was designed with scalability in mind. Unlike Ethereum, it can handle thousands of transactions per second. Polygon’s native coin, MATIC, has a market capitalization of $6.7 billion. MATIC has increased by over 15,000% since launching in 2019. However, it now trades 75% below all-time highs. This discounted price means Polygon is well worth considering. 

Key Points:

  • Offers layer 2 solutions for Ethereum-based projects 
  • Capable of handling thousands of transactions per second
  • Currently trades at a 75% discount from all-time highs

9. Bitcoin - Potential to Hit $100,000 in the Coming Months, One of the Best Cryptos to Buy for Long-term Wealth Creation  

Bitcoin is the best crypto to buy now for long-term investors. Although the price potential isn’t as attractive as ICO projects or small-cap altcoins, Bitcoin is the safest option. Bitcoin has a market capitalization of about $1.2 trillion. This means Bitcoin represents 55% of the total crypto market value. Like many crypto coins, Bitcoin goes through prolonged market cycles. 


The Bitcoin price is often bullish after the network completes its halving event. This reduces the Bitcoin mining reward by 50%. The most recent Bitcoin halving happened in April 2024 - meaning some analysts believe the next bull cycle is imminent. Bitcoin currently trades 16% below all-time highs. 

Key Points:

10. Solana - One of the Top Layer 1 Blockchains For Speed, Fees, and Scalability, Currently Trades 44% Below All-Time Highs  

Solana is one of the best layer 1 blockchains to invest in. It can handle thousands of transactions per second. Each transaction costs a small fraction of a cent. Moreover, Solana transactions are fast and energy-efficient - making the blockchain ideal for Web 3. Solana also supports decentralized applications via smart contract execution. 


Solana is now being used by up-and-coming meme coins - market leaders include Bonk and dogwifhat. In terms of performance, Solana has increased by almost 600% in the past year. It currently trades 44% below all-time highs. Solana has a market capitalization of about $64 billion, making it the fourth largest crypto. 

Key Points:

  • Layer 1 blockchain with fast, cheap, and scalable transactions 
  • Supports decentralized applications via smart contracts
  • Price increase of almost 600% in the past year 

How to Pick Which Cryptos to Invest in

Let’s explore how investors can pick the best crypto to buy now. 

Cover Various Market Cap Ranges

First, investors should explore different market capitalization ranges. For example, established projects with larger valuations are considered lower risk. Bitcoin, Solana, and Polygon fit into this range. 

For increased profit potential, investors can also consider ICO projects. These generally have small market valuations, so they can offer amplified returns. Dogeverse, WienerAI, and Sealana are solid options. 

Look for Use Cases and Solutions

Research use cases and real-world solutions when choosing the best crypto to invest in. For example, eTukTuk is spearheading the green transportation revolution with electric tuk-tuk vehicles. 

5thScape is building the future of VR gaming, while 99Bitcoins has developed an innovative learn-to-earn mechanism. Solana is another top-rated project with solid use cases - it supports decentralized applications for the Web 3 era. 

Consider Cryptos With Passive Returns

Some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy offer passive returns. This means portfolio valuations can increase even when the markets are bearish. For example, Dogeverse and WienerAI offer crypto staking rewards of 70% and 68% respectively. 

Mega Dice also offers passive rewards; its native casino token generates daily payouts. These are funded by gambling profits, ensuring a sustainable and self-sufficient rewards program. 

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